Monday, December 22, 2008

In the 70's, Sears Kicked Ass!

I was in Sears a few months ago and saw lawn mowers, hot water heaters and dozens of cordless drills. But I didn't see anything as cool this bar, found in Sears' 1979 Christmas catalog!

So 30 years ago, for $300-some, I could have walked out of Sears with this kick-ass bar!

Browse nearly all Sears' catalogs at and see why Sears, at one time, sold every product known to man.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Karma, I laugh in your face

Today I was walking into a store when a man approached me in the parking lot and asked if I could give him a dollar so he could ride the bus. I told him I had no cash. That was a lie -- I had $28 on me including several dollar bills. Right when I got into the store, guess what I found on the floor. That's right -- a dollar bill, which I scooped up and continued on my merry way.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sobriety isn't cheap

Every couple of years I go through periods of sobriety. They are always short-lived and are usually triggered just to make sure I'm not an alcoholic.

I am currently at the tail end of one due to a lingering mystery illness that has made me a recluse the past two weeks. I met some friends for happy hour yesterday and to ease my way back into society, I spent the evening sipping on cranberry juice (no vodka).

It was kind of nice: an evening out and I'll save some money; surely drinking juice is cheaper than drinking alcohol. Wrong! At The Keg Steakhouse a cranberry juice costs twice as much as a beer.